More Boners and Bigger Biceps w/ Ali Gilbert

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

My guest today, Ali Gilbert, is back to help you optimize your testosterone, conquer nutrition, and get the two that things all guys want…

More boners, and bigger biceps. 

A two-time Golf Digest Top-50 golf-fitness professional and trainer, Ali specializes in solutions for physiological and hormonal optimization.

And in this episode, she’s sharing the information you need to perform your best – from the bedroom to the gym. 

  • Normalizing boner talk. [21:30]
  • Can too much testosterone destroy your boners? [26:31]
  • Are you training too hard to get an erection? [30:45]
  • What are the benefits of eating more carbs and less fat? [38:42]
  • Mistakes to avoid when going on TRT. [50:29]
  • Do testosterone boosting supplements work? [1:10:51]

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