NFL Veteran, Heath Evans on Training, Nutrition, Recovery and Mindset – Episode 289

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

My guest in this episode is 10-year NFL Veteran, Heath Evans.  

A lifetime fitness fanatic, Heath was one of the most jacked dudes to ever play the game.  Since retiring from pro football, he has turned his focus towards helping other people build their bodies.  

He founded Heath Evans Strength Academy, where he provides members with daily workouts, nutrition advice and other exclusive online content.   

In this episode we talk training, nutrition, growing up with a Marine, what it takes to play in the NFL, his favorite recovery methods and much more including:

  • Building his mindset and turning weaknesses into strengths. [4:26]
  • What was it like growing up with a Marine as a father? [6:22]
  • Why mindset is everything! [8:48]
  • The importance of being humble and asking for help. [10:11]
  • How his training has evolved since his days in the NFL. [12:44]
  • Knowing what he knows now, would he change anything about his training regimen? [16:14]
  • What Mike Woicik taught him about nutrition and how he eats now.  [23:20]
  • Does he suffer from CTE? [31:49]
  • Why good is the enemy of great. [33:35]
  • A day in the life of training with Heath Evans. [38:45]
  • How often does he do cardio? [44:31]
  • What are some of his favorite recovery methods? [46:11]
  • What life lessons has he learned and how has he been able to apply them to his business? [50:14]
  • What is he doing now in his personal life and business? [59:56]


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