Look and Feel 20 Years Younger w/ Jon Hinds

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

My guest today, Jon Hinds, is here to help you look and feel better than ever in your 40s, 50s, and beyond. 

With over 40 years of coaching experience, Jon has helped thousands of clients alleviate pain, get jacked, and live longer, healthier lives. 

He’s worked with professional athletes and celebrities, is the founder of Monkey Bar Gym, creator of 30+ patented pieces of sports-specific exercise equipment, and also happens to be one of the fittest 60-year-olds you’ll ever see. 

  • Laugh in the face of adversity with this mindset shift. [9:17]
  • The one thing keeping you from reaching your potential. [15:51]
  • Slow down aging with these 3 tips. [44:24]
  • This simple pose will refine your movement. [45:41]
  • 2 exercises to amplify your balance and strength. [1:06:34]
  • Jon’s reverse approach to training. [1:14:14]

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