How to Build Big Arms, High Carb vs. Low Carb, When to Take a Rest – Episode 426

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


Looking to add more muscle? Of course you are, and I’ve got the one thing you need to do to maximize your gains.

Arms not busting out your sleeves like you’d like? Got you covered there as well.

Is the carnivore diet gonna get you your leanest? Want to live until 110? Should you incorporate deload weeks to maximize training? 

I’m back at ya with the answers you need to get right for the summer in today’s Q&A.

Listen and learn: 

  • What’s the most important factor for muscle gain? [3:55]
  • How many carbs are too many? [6:05]
  • Is the carnivore diet the best approach to nutrition? [10:45]
  • What’s the best split to build bigger arms? [14:02]
  • How to minimize soreness when balancing training with sports? [15:50]
  • Are stair sprints a worthy alternative to hill sprints? [18:54]
  • What’s my daily approach to supplements? [21:05]
  • Should you avoid bread? [25:12]
  • To deload or not to deload? [26:13]
  • Do carbs from fruit count towards the daily carb total? [28:40]
  • Here’s another useful tool for building bigger arms. [29:58]
  • My favorite hype song? [36:40]
  • Who are my all-time favorite baseball players? [40:54]

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