Carnivore Diet, Winning Habits, and Life Lessons with Danny Vega – Episode 407

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Danny Vega, former collegiate Strength & Conditioning coordinator, is the co-founder of Fat Fueled Family – a podcast, blog and YouTube channel dedicated to helping families grow closer together through better health.

Danny teamed up with his partner Adrian Gonzalez to create a series of growth and development books geared specifically for children. The book series will be the first fictional, character-based, publication(s) that shed light on self-development principles and strategies for kids, all revolving around a select group of child characters who possess special abilities. 

Tune in as Danny provides his insight on navigating the current social climate, thriving through the uncertainty, and becoming the strongest, most optimized version of yourself and the two discuss their upcoming children’s book series. 

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Show Notes: 

  • Focus on THIS if you want to get stronger and leaner.  [5:05]
  • What you can do to thrive during these uncertain times. [9:20]
  • Keys to navigating the current social climate. [12:25]
  • These five daily habits will increase focus and productivity. [17:38]
  • Autophagy, quarterly fasting, and the benefits of electrolytes and bone broth. [23:00]
  • Danny’s unique approach to diet and gut health. [28:15]
  • The “old man” hypertrophy (muscle gain) program. [35:55]
  • The importance of introducing essential life skills to kids. [41:35]


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