How to Unleash Your Strongest Self – Episode 494

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

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I’m back with another powerful Q&A to help you unleash your strongest self!

Get those notebooks ready, as my brother John Alvino and I will be dropping plenty of knowledge bombs on ya.

You don’t wanna miss a second of this one!

Listen and learn: 

  • Is the Mediterranean diet good for muscle growth? [2:59]
  • How low should your resting heart rate be? [8:32]
  • When is the best time to take an ice bath? [11:33]
  • What does a leg day warmup look like? [15:58]
  • Is there an optimal timing window for pre/post workout meals? [19:32]
  • Should finishers be a part of your training program? [21:16]
  • Which blood tests should you be getting to optimize your health? [27:54]
  • Smith machines… a good option for squats? [30:11]
  • Are you validating nonsense and living small? [31:58]
  • What’s the best way to deal with loss? [41:33]

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