Your Path to Peak Performance w/ Mary Shenouda

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Today’s guest, Mary Shenouda, is an expert in performance nutrition.   

Chef/creator of Phat Fudge, and performance specialist to professional athletes and entertainers, Mary knows the recipe to getting the most out of her clients.

And she’s sharing it with you today…

  • How you can find magic on the other side of f*ck it. [16:39]
  • Adversity isn’t the end, but a catalyst for success. [32:53]
  • Why your supplements are a waste of money. [42:39]
  • The truth your skin and eyes speak without you saying a word. [49:02]
  • These foods will optimize, and destroy, your gut. [58:46]
  • The tools you need to maximize recovery. [1:31:54]

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