Is Fat Your Key to Getting Lean?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

A simple tweak to my fat intake led to me getting lean for the first time ever. 

This same adjustment is getting my coaching clients results like this

Could fat be the key you’re missing too? 

I’m giving you a simple way to find out, a few tips to improve your business, and much more, in today’s episode.

  • 5 ways to bulletproof your lower back. [0:58]
  • How to unleash your 2 most impactful superpowers. [4:18]
  • Are low fat diets dangerous? [12:02]
  • The one skill that will drastically improve your business. [21:06]
  • Do delts respond better to higher reps? [33:01]
  • How you can use my tattoos to level up your life. [35:02]
  • 10 books that should be in every man’s library. [44:20]

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