Paleo Chef, Mary Shenouda: Healing Through Nutrition, Living Your Passion, and the Magic of “F*ck It” – Episode 219

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Has attempting to climb the corporate ladder left you worn out and uninspired?

Do you dream of making a living doing work you’re passionate about? In this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast you’ll learn how The Paleo Chef, Mary Shenouda, changed her health, career and life.

Mary is the creator and founder of as well as the popular Paleo food product, Phat Fudge. As a kid she struggled with serious health issues. For years doctors failed to treat her with any success. Upon discovering that she has Celiac disease, Mary began following a Paleo diet. For the first time her condition improved. The rapid and dramatic changes inspired her to start sharing her recipes with friends and followers on social media. Before long, well known personalities and pro athletes began requesting for Mary to cook their food, and The Paleo Chef was born.

This episode is jam packed with actionable advice on how to turn you passion into a career, improve your relationships and become more successful.

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Show Notes:

  • The health issues she dealt with as a kid. [6:26]
  • How changing her diet changed her life. [11:10]
  • How sharing recipes on social media and talking about her diet with friends and co-workers sparked the idea for her business. [15:20]
  • Why she left a successful corporate career to become a full-time chef and how she made the transition. [18:28]
  • The skills that have contributed to Mary’s success (other than her ability to cook amazing food). [23:00]
  • The story behind the purchase of and how she managed to get big name clients so quickly. [26:41]
  • Her trials, tribulations and lessons learned along the way to success. [32:46]
  • Why it’s easier to run your life and business when you have basic principles and rules in place. [35:06]
  • The kitchen mishap that led to one of Mary’s most popular products, Phat Fudge, and why being authentic helped kick start her business. [36:07]
  • Mary’s tips for people who want to start a business and why you should remember, “There’s a lot of magic on the other side of f*ck it.” [42:02]
  • Is it possible to manage two businesses and still find time for fun? [47:53]
  • How she overcomes depression and advice for people who are struggling with their own demons. [50:50]
  • Tips for people who want to start an online business. [55:50]


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