My Garage Gym, Top 5 Exercises For Longevity, The Best Pre Workout Stack, #1 Marketing Tip in 2021 – Episode 389

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Questions have continued to pour in from you, the listeners, so we’re gonna keep giving you the answers.  

In this info-packed episode you’re going to learn how to get jacked without beating the hell outta your joints, how to find the right coach or mentor, how to market like a genius, and a lot more to help you dominate your path.  

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Show Notes:

  • What are your plans for your garage gym and what are some of the pieces you’ll be buying?
  • What are the top 5 exercises for longevity and strength?
  •  Best plan to get someone jacked for a movie?
  • Can you recommend a budget friendly cable pulley for a squat rack?
  • How would you program reverse deadmills? As part of a warm up or within a workout?
  • Efficacy of super slow HIT/ 1 set to failure approaches? Is the volume too low for hypertrophy?
  • What are some elbow and wrist friendly triceps isolation exercises? Skull crushers hurt. 
  • Best training split for advanced (34 years lifting) I love push/pull/legs MFW. Is that enough? 
  • What’s your favorite deadlift variation?
  • How do I best combat elbow pain when training back and arms?
  • Thoughts on pre workout?
  • What’s your take on sugar alternatives like stevia, erythritol, etc?
  • Is it ok to eat bison every day?
  • Can I keep my gains with three 60 minute full body workouts a week?
  • Best ways to find a mentor or coach to work with? What should I look for in one?


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