I Lost My Confidence & My Best Friend… My Darkest Days

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

We all go through seasons in life. 

Sometimes things are great and you’re constantly winning. Your confidence is sky high. You feel unstoppable. You’re on top of the world.

And other times things aren’t so great. That’s life.

Everyone has their dark times and their struggles. And sometimes you may not even know what they’re dealing with. 

Such was the case for me over the last couple years. 

I went into a very dark place after losing my best friend. A place I’d never been before. A place I couldn’t get out of. 

And it impacted everything in my life, from my income, to my marriage, to my friendships…

Before I knew it, my confidence was gone, and I didn’t even know who I was anymore. 

This is that story, told for the first time. 

My hope is that if you’re suffering with anything, this episode may be of some help and reassure you that you’re not alone.

We all fall. And we all must rise again. 

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