Machines vs. Free Weights: The TRUTH About What’s Better, When & Why – Episode 470

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Have you ever wondered which is better: machines or free weights? 

The answer isn’t as straightforward as the internet may lead you to believe. 

… If you can decipher the countless differing opinions online. 

Well I’m here today with the answers you need to know regarding when to use which, body part by body part, to help you build your best body ever. 

Listen and learn:

  • Machines vs. free weights: what are the differences? [3:15]
  • Which is better for developing: 
    • Shoulders? [9:45]
    • Chest? [11:47]
    • Back? [17:22]
    • Glutes? [26:16]
    • Hamstrings? [28:01]
    • Quads? [29:30]
    • Arms? [37:07]

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