The #1 Secret to Building Calves – Episode 415

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Everything we’ve told you for the last two years about the insane state of the world is now accepted as truth, even though it was “conspiracy theory,” when I first said all of it. 

So really no different from all the other stuff I’ve been telling you about fitness for the last quarter century. Not accepted at first. No “studies to prove it.” Completely different from the norm. Then all of the sudden everyone accepts it as truth and starts doing it. 

And this episode is no different.  

I rant on the thing you need to stop doing IMMEDIATELY if you want to have a great 2022.

Then I answer your questions…

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Show Notes:

  • Is there a big difference between doing 4 strength workouts per week versus 3?
  • How do you optimally (and safely) train your neck for size and injury prevention?
  • Why don’t I prescribe face pulls as much as I used to?
  • What one thing would I bring on vacation to train with?
  • What should you do if you’re unhappy in your career?
  • When should you de-load and what should it look like?
  • What to do if you feel tired when adding more carbs to your diet? 
  • Optimal meal timing for protein synthesis. 
  • What’s the ideal rep range, volume and frequency for building calves? 
  • How do you like to program sled work?


Have you known or been around someone who just always seems to be on their A game? Someone who seems to have all the answers and makes it look effortless? Someone who is always ON

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