Fit to Fat to Fit with Drew Manning – Episode 281

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Drew Manning knows what it’s like to be overweight, out of shape, unhealthy and uncomfortable in his own skin. He knows the burden of being physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

If that’s where you are currently, he can relate.

He also knows how amazing it feels to be healthy, lean and muscular. He has experienced what it’s like to have almost limitless energy and unshakeable confidence.

If that’s where you want to be, he can show you how.

Drew is a Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer and the creator of the #FitToFatToFit TV show and

He is also the NY Times Bestselling author of the book, “Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs. On Purpose,”, host of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast and the founder of the keto focused supplement line, Complete Wellness.

As a Personal Trainer he became discouraged by the number of his clients who were quitting their exercise and nutrition programs long before achieving their goals.

A fitness fanatic since childhood, Drew had never experienced what it was like to be overweight, out of shape, unhealthy and unhappy. In effort to better understand the challenges his clients were facing he decided to put his own body through an experiment.

He intentionally gained 75 lbs. of fat within 6 months by stopping exercise and eating the kinds of processed foods that are typical in the average American’s diet.

Once he gained the weight, he turned to the pillars of exercise and nutrition to help him lose it all within the next 6 months.

Drew not only gained weight, but he also gained a much deeper understanding of and respect for the difficulties overweight people have and the challenges they face when trying to achieve their health and fitness goals.

If you want to learn more about what this journey taught Drew, and how it can help you become physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and strong, you’ve come to the right podcast!

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

• How did he first get into fitness? [3:46]
• What was his training like in the early days and how has it evolved? [4:51]
• What was the inspiration behind the Fit2Fat2Fit experiment? [7:27]
• Physically, mentally and emotionally what happened to him when he gained all the weight? [10:13]
• How did he eat to gain so much fat so quickly? [11:07]
• How he ate and trained to get his body back! [16:47]
• Why going keto changed the way he looked at nutrition. [19:31]
• The connection between your mental, emotional and physical health and how stress impacts the body. [24:30]
• How did he get to a place of self-love? [26:46]
• How the ketogenic diet healed him and why he is sharing it so passionately with others. [29:31]
• What are some of the RIGHT and WRONG ways of doing the keto diet? [31:31]
• Does he adjust the keto diet based on how his body feels? [35:23]
• What is his argument to people who say you cannot lift while being low-carb? [38:59]
• Are there specific carb sources he recommends? [40:00]
• What are is “go to” supplements while on the keto diet? [41:59]
• When did he start his supplement line, Complete Wellness? [46:11]
• A week in the life of Drew: What his current diet and training looks like. [46:54]
• What are non-negotiables when it comes to his recovery? [50:24]
• What does he currently have going on and what’s in store for 2019? [53:08]


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