Combining Bodyweight Training & Free Weights for the Best Results – Episode 477

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Do you include bodyweight exercises in your workouts?

Should you?

Can you maximize results by combining bodyweight training and free weights?

Or should you be married to one? 

I’ve got the answers to all of these questions in today’s episode. 

Listen and learn:

  • Is there a difference between calisthenics and bodyweight training? [1:21]
  • Bodyweight, free weights, machines: which provides the best stimulus per body part?
    • Neck and traps [1:53]
    • Shoulders [8:42]
    • Triceps and biceps [12:42]
    • Chest [19:18]
    • Back [21:41]
    • Midsection [25:13]
    • Glutes and hamstrings [26:19]
    • Quads [29:43]
    • Calves [33:17]

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