Bodyweight Training Mastery with Al Kavadlo

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Al-KavadloOver the last few years Al Kavadlo has become known as one of the top go-to experts in the world when it comes to bodyweight training. If you want to get in great shape using nothing but chins, dips and squats then Al is your man. If you want to master advanced moves like the flag, the muscle up and the human flag, Al has you covered.

If you’ve been following my stuff for a while you know that I am a huge fan of bodyweight training and include it in all of my programs. So I was pretty excited for the chance to have Al on the podcast. Luckily he was in Santa Monica this week so we were able to do it live in studio.

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Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • Listener Q&A
  • The importance of maintaining proper body temperature
  • Focusing on a single task vs. multitasking
  • Healthy eating on the road
  • Losing the love handles
  • Training for a triathlon
  • Mass building tips for a US Army paratrooper
  • Where does Tom Brady rank amongst the greats
  • How Al got started training
  • When and why he finally abandoned weights
  • How he came up in New York City parks with the Bartendaz and Bar Starz
  • The benefits of bodyweight training
  • Protecting your joints and safety considerations
  • The importance of proper progressions
  • What you need to work on in order to hit your first muscle up
  • How Al incorporates yoga into his daily routine
  • Al’s approach to meditation and overall Zen living

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