Are You Up to the Challenge? – Episode 462

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I’ve got a challenge for you…

Start treating your body like you would if you were a professional athlete. 

It’s easier than ever to have moments of weakness where you pick up the cheesecake, hit the snooze button, or default to the thousands of negative behaviors. 

But it’s time to take a stand.

Stop letting yourself down, make the decision to live on 10, and then press play because I’m here to help you crush your goals with today’s Q&A. 

  • How much beef is too much? [23:15]
  • What goes in to a good shoulder exercise? [24:10]
  • Is variety necessary to make progress in the gym? [29:38]
  • How to incorporate kettlebell work into your training? [38:22]
  • Should the average man be taking TRT? [42:58]
  • Tips for coming off a deload or break from training? [46:21]

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