7 Hardgainer Training Myths That Kill Your Gains – Episode 416

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

A hardgainer is someone who has a difficult time gaining muscle, no matter what they do.

Usually, they’re skinny-fat. But they could just be skinny. And they could just be fat.

Either way, they have less than optimal genetics for this stuff.  

This struggle is amplified by every “hardgainer” article or training program giving you info that is 100% DEAD WRONG and the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

In this episode I’m gonna give you the TRUTH about how to get jacked and lean as a hardgainer.

Listen as I explain:

  • Should you wear a lifting belt, and when?
  • What piece of equipment should be in all gyms?
  • What to do if you can’t overhead press?
  • What 3 books changed my life?
  • What mobility exercises should you be doing regularly?

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