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Ready to fight?

Just out of coincidence I’ve been around a few ex-military badasses lately. SEALS, green berets, marines. Guys who are always physically prepared and ready to do whatever, whenever. That’s a quality all men should strive for. You never know when some sh*t’s gonna go down. Even though most of us live soft, coddled lives I still like to think of our primitive roots. I like to think of men as warriors. There was a time when we had to fight to survive and hunt to eat. continue reading.

The Most Overlooked Habit For Getting Jacked

Now, some people out there seem to be completely immune to stress. These guys are just blessed with invincibility. I’m talking about the ones who… -Build muscle by looking at weights -Don’t need to sleep more than 4 hours per night -Stay ripped and jacked while eating Cinnamon Buns and Bagel Bites -Work 18 hours per day and stay more relaxed than the Dalai Lama -Never read about training on the internet -You aren’t one of those guys. I’m not either. We’re the ones with… Stress prone tendencies- constantly over thinking, staying indecisive, getting worked up about nothing Tons of life stressors like a… continue reading.

You’re Lost?

Friday night Jen and I finally finished watching the TV show, Lost. Man, did that ending suck. I’d heard about it for years from everyone. They were even still joking about it on the Oscars a couple months back. I said to Jen, “we put in all that time for that?!” I was so disappointed. All that for nothing. Which is exactly how people feel after finishing many of the popular training programs out there today. They hop around their… continue reading.

Never Do This for Shoulders

As a young meathead, I did a lot of stupid stuff in the gym. I mean really f’n stupid. But I was in my twenties and thought I was invincible. Not to mention charming and handsome with the bloat of youth filling my puffy face. Oh, where have ye gone? Father time, you’re a cruel bastard… The point is that stupidity eventually led to shoulder surgery. That’s why I cringe every time I see someone doing upright rows or lateral raises.   I see it in… continue reading.