“The Muscle Doc”, Jordan Shallow: How to Gain Muscle, Get Strong, Move Better and Feel Amazing – Episode 251

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Dr. Jordan Shallow not only talks the talk (he’s a chiropractor and one of the brightest and most insightful guys in the fitness industry) but, as a competitive powerlifter, Strength and Conditioning Coach and one of the strongest, most jacked dudes around, he also walks the walk.

In this episode we delve into all things training.  Jordan reveals some of the biggest myths and misconceptions regarding training and provides information that will help you achieve your fitness goals, faster. He explains everything from how to perform the big lifts, so you get jacked and strong while avoiding injury, to the best ways to improve mobility, stability and flexibility. We discuss the importance of self-care techniques, how to make bench pressing safer and more effective, optimal training frequency and volume, the best ways for the average person to train, and a lot more.

This is a can’t miss episode if you want to gain muscle and get strong while moving and feeling better than ever before.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • What are the biggest myths, misconceptions and challenges in fitness? [4:23]
  • Why self-myofascial release may be a ticking timebomb. [9:11]
  • Are self-care techniques a waste of time if you train properly? [13:47]
  • What is the difference between mobility, stability and flexibility and how do they relate to strength? [18:50]
  • How should you train to gain more stability? [25:55]
  • The differences between the variations of unilateral training (i.e. single leg RDL). [35:22]
  • How Jordan would train the average guy or girl to dominate the big four lifts. [38:46]
  • Tips for making rows even more effective and should you do more rows than pullups? [53:00]
  • The most common problems with the bench press and overhead press and how to correct them. [1:05:15]
  • How using exclusion criteria helps Jordan decide what training program to prescribe to the average person. [1:16:00]
  • What types of recovery methods does he recommend? [1:26:35]
  • Scaling from injured to healthy, what is Pre-Script? [1:29:21]
  • What is the optimal training frequency and volume for most people? [1:34:40]


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