The Optimal Diet and Lifestyle for YOUR Unique Body Type with Dr. Stephen Cabral – Episode 240

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Dr. Stephen Cabral is back, after the outpour of positive feedback on the first episode. He’s here to teach you how to make the most effective diet and lifestyle choices for YOUR unique body type.

If you want to look, feel and perform better than ever grab your notebook and listen as we discuss:

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Show Notes:

  • What’s the science behind the Ketogenic Diet and will it work for you? [5:40]
  • Is the carnivore diet good for overall health and longevity? [20:01]
  • Should ectomorphs avoid ultra-high protein intake? [22:45]
  • Why do you have poor gut health? [25:30]
  • The “Rain Barrel Effect” and why you feel the way you do. [30:59]
  • High fat diet myths and how to set up your nutrition plan to achieve your goals. [37:08]
  • Specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations for your body type. [44:27]
  • What’s the “Purple Crush” morning smoothie and how can it fit YOUR needs? [50:29]
  • Should you train fasted? Why your body type gives the answer to this question. [54:30]
  • Is it a bad idea to consume coffee and/or tea on an empty stomach? [57:42]
  • How your body holds toxins and why he recommends a seasonal detox. [1:07:00]
  • Steps to de-stress your life. [1:11:50]


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Wanna listen to my first interview with Dr. Cabral to learn more about the most effective training, nutrition and lifestyle tips for your body type?  If so, click HERE.  In this episode we discuss how to identify your body type, why most hard gainer training advice is dead wrong, specific macros for muscle gain and fat loss, how to extend your life by 6 years, and so much more.

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