Prevent Injuries and Build Muscle Faster with Dr. John Rusin – Episode 236

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

The doc is in with your prescription for muscle. For the first time in almost 2 years Dr. John Rusin is back on the #RenegadeRadioPodcast! He’s here to teach you how to get jacked and strong, while avoiding injuries, with joint-friendly, pain free training.

John is an internationally recognized strength coach, speaker and writer and he’s one of the fitness industry’s leading experts in pain-free performance. He has advanced degrees in exercise science and physical therapy and more than a decade of elite-level training experience. His cutting edge training methods have revolutionized the way his athletes and clients look, feel and perform.

In this episode John describes his Pain Free Performance System and explains why so many people get hurt during training. We discuss the most effective ways to warm up and how to get the most out of compound exercises. He explains why the “hypertrophy rep range” is a myth, talks about the four physical traits everyone should strive for, provides insight into the exponential growth of his business and so much more.

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Show Notes:

  • John describes his crazy travel schedule and all of the awesome things he has going on these days. [3:52]
  • The organic business growth he’s experienced over the past year. [8:23]
  • How leaving his dream job to take care of family became the spark for his new business and life. [9:56]
  • Why the birth of his son motivated John to take massive action. [15:24]
  • What drives him to excel and succeed? [19:48]
  • Success breeds success – how opportunities presented themselves for his business to grow. [21:45]
  • Facts about why people often get hurt in training. [25:30]
  • The mindset of the average gym goer and the 4 physical traits you should strive to develop. [27:50]
  • The most effective ways to warm up before training. [32:11]
  • How to get the most out of big, compound movements. [34:10]
  • How he designs training phases to help clients master the movements. [36:48]
  • How many days per week should you train? [44:08]
  • Practical ways to solidify your biomechanics. [53:16]
  • Why the “hypertrophy rep range” is a myth and how to tailor your training based on your goals. [57:30]
  • The science of personality types and how he trains people who are just getting started. [1:00:39]
  • Facts about time under tension and why it’s important. [1:03:30]


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