Bulletproof and Jacked with Dr. John Rusin

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

As soon as I read one article by Dr. John Rusin I knew I had to have him on the podcast. He just gets it. And our training philosophies couldn’t be any more aligned.

I found myself nodding my head and saying, “Yes, yes, YES!” as I read each sentence.

It’s easy to tell someone to just do some big compound movements and go heavy. That doesn’t take a genius.

But if you want to avoid injuries and maximize your performance over the long term there is so much more to it. You’ve gotta pay strict attention to the preparation phase. And the sequencing of the entire training session is key.

If you follow most of the normal advice out there you’ll most likely get hurt at one point or another. But Dr. John Rusin joins me on the podcast today to change all that.

Topics covered include:

  • Why most pre-workout warm ups suck
  • How to actually foam roll properly
  • What commonly used warm ups make you worse
  • The 3 issues you need to address for optimal performance
  • How to prevent or fix lower back pain
  • The perfect ratio for shoulder health
  • What you have to do before big, compound lifts
  • The 6 phases of the ultimate workout
  • How to fire up your nervous system properly
  • Are machines good or bad
  • What’s the optimal training frequency
  • The big misconception about body part splits
  • How to train the rotator cuff properly
  • Why you need to strengthen your feet and ankles
  • How to train glutes properly for the jean-filling look you want
  • The problem with chin ups
  • And so much more

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Find out more about Dr. John S. Rusin, PT, DPT, CSCS, ART, FMS1-2, SFMA, FDN


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