Rise Above Your Past and Achieve Higher Health with Joseph Sheehey, CEO of Cured Nutrition – Episode 248

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

You do not have to let your past define who you are today. In this episode of the Renegade Radio Podcast with Joseph Sheehey you’ll learn how to use your past mistakes as stepping stones to an amazing new life.

Joseph is a mechanical engineer, top ranked Men’s Physique competitor, online fitness coach and host of the Higher Health podcast. He is also the founder and owner of Cured Nutrition, a company comprised of athletes, dreamers and healers that believe in the power of hemp. They’ve created the best and most unique CBD infused products available anywhere, so people can enjoy the health and balance that comes from incorporating cannabinoids into their daily life.

For Joseph life wasn’t always filled with achievement and success. While attending college he began partying excessively and using illegal drugs. His dangerous and destructive habits lead him down a dark path filled with anxiety, depression and despair. After hitting rock bottom he made the decision to turn his life around. Using bodybuilding as a gateway to a healthy new life Joseph conquered the demons of his past and found his new purpose.

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Show Notes:

  • The destructive path he was headed down and how bodybuilding helped change the course of his life. [3:28]
  • How he went from one addiction to another with men’s physique competitions. [18:58]
  • Why he created the Higher Health podcast and how it has impacted his life. [21:43]
  • How his vision of bringing cannabis and the fitness industry together led to the birth of Cured Nutrition. [23:53]
  • The stigma surrounding cannabis and how he aimed to educate people on its health benefits. [27:28]
  • The difference between CBD derived from marijuana vs. hemp and what is the “Entourage Effect”? [37:32]
  • A look at Joseph’s morning routine and how he recommends dosing CBD throughout the day. [39:30]
  • Are there negative side effects from taking CBD? [46:55]
  • How he eats to stay jacked and does training really help alleviate anxiety? [50:23]
  • The high protein myth and how his definition of health has evolved. [55:56]
  • What does his training look like now? The importance of the mind muscle connection and keeping an open mind. [1:00:28]


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