Muscle, Mindset, Mastery with Ben Pakulski – Episode 222

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

IFBB pro bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski joins the show to tell you precisely how to build the most amount of muscle in the most efficient way possible.

We talk about the importance of tension, volume, frequency, and intensity. Ben also tells you how to determine the optimal exercises for YOUR body.

You’ll also learn the mindset secrets Ben uses to achieve incredible success throughout his life. He shares his morning routine, his favorite books, best advice and much more.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Ben’s first idol, Milos Sarcev, and the impact he had on him (3:42)
  • How he transformed from a 155 pound 15 year old vegetarian when he discovered meat and weights. (7:18)
  • How Ben’s training evolved through high school and how training hard at an early age shaped his work ethic/ball building. (9:41)
  • Changing your perspective of what is possible. How his interactions with competitors at Mr. Olympia motivated him to enter his first show. (11:34)
  • Intelligent muscle building. Find out how his focus on get bigger nearly ended things for him early on. (15:00)
  • Forget everything you know about exercising. Find out how the fastest way to accelerate your progress is to challenge your beliefs. (18:40)
  • Learn the basic, often-ignored rule of training all muscles, and the importance of tension and isolation. (29:03)
  • How to train for hypertrophy, based on your experience level. (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). How lower volume and higher frequency can be beneficial to show someone how to train hard. (36:44)
  • Life changing experiences and empowering people. Ben talks about his training camps and what you would get out of them. (47:35)
  • Are you feeling your muscles? Find out how you know if an exercise is right or wrong for you. (50:08)
  • The end result is bullshit. “Set the goal to become a millionaire, not for the million bucks but for what it will take for you to achieve it.” Hear how his greatest mentor, Jim Rohn, set his mindset to become more attracted to the process. (51:48)
  • Why did Ben step away from the bodybuilding world? Find out how he is becoming the greatest version of himself by asking why. (54:20)
  • Paying attention, slowing down and learning to be responsive rather reactive. What is Ben doing now to better himself? (58:12)
  • Has Ben always felt like a lone wolf? Hear him talk about his childhood and how that has shaped the person he is today. (59:56)
  • How meeting Dr. Hardt helped bring out repressed feelings he had from his childhood and how he was able to re-wire his brain. (1:04:21)
  • Ben talks about his ayahuasca ceremonies and how it has changed the way he sees things. (1:08:30)
  • Find out why Ben has zero attachment to tangible goods. How the feeling of unconventional love is what he lives for today. (1:13:05)
  • What books does Ben recommend to read now? (1:16:33)
  • Find out how Ben owns his day and gets shit done. (1:18:10)


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