Stressed or Fatigued? Read This

Posted by Jason Ferruggia on October 1, 2016

If you’re suffering from stress or fatigue then you’ll love what Anthony DiClementi has for you in The Biohackers Guide.

-The reason 70% of Americans are stressed. Discover the digestive, metabolic, immune, and energy impact of stressors and how to fight them – pg. 129

-5 stress management, reduction, and outright elimination biohacks that all require less than 30 minutes of effort – pg. 164

-Why it only takes 28 days to achieve freedom from stress, negative thoughts, anxiety and more (even if you don’t feel stressed, I challenge you to try the simple stress management hacks – I guarantee you’ll notice a difference) – pg. 134

-24+ devices that use body chemistry and brain wave altering technology to eliminate stress, improve mental performance, and help you achieve your physical peak – pg. 140

-Mood swings, anxiety, cravings for sugar… these are just 4 of the 15+ signs of chronic stress. Learn how to take your life back from stress, improve your mood, and increase productivity – pg. 130

-The CRUCIAL thing you must do to reduce stress before it’s too late – pg. 132

-Hack yourself into “hyperawareness” and discover a new perspective on life opening your mind to emotions, ideas, and creative thought you haven’t experienced in years – pg. 133

-The secret to meditating stress away and 3 ways to let your body slip into a trance state capable of wiping away your fears, stressors, negative thoughts and more – pg. 135

-How to increase the 5 “feel good” neurotransmitters by controlling brain wave frequencies – pg. 139

-The step-by-step guide to using space-age Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to influence and optimize body chemistry – pg. 142

-9 stress reduction tools and the specific application recommendations you need to implement them – pg. 160

-My personal 5-step fear, phobia, and stressful emotion elimination strategy – pg. 161

-12 stress reduction supplements and their applications explained. SKIP TO THIS SECTION IMMEDIATELY. The one supplement researchers claim treats over 100 medical conditions (no, you’re not already taking it) – pg. 163

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Jay Ferruggia