This Should NEVER Happen

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I always found it odd that training would make you worse.

At least the way most people do it.

You’d think it would make you faster, more athletic and able to do more real world stuff.

But it usually ends up being the opposite.

People use methods and exercises that continually make them less functional. They just turn into Frankenstein and are often riddled with pain and injury.

That was always me for many years. Until I discovered a better way.

When I share those methods with others they have a great awakening.

Like these guys did…

“Jason, your workouts and approach are what have drawn to following you for the last couple of years, so thank you Brother! I am 45 and have lifted a long time so the way you program to avoid feeling beat up appeals to me. I tend to sometimes do something I later regret and think I should have listened to Jason. Keep up the great work.”

Isaac Johnson

“I feel much better training this way. I’ve really taken to the concept of “always being ready” that you’ve talked about on a few podcasts lately. Not being unable to move because I’ve pounded my body into submission sucks.”

Trey Crouch

More of my functional hybrid strength training methods at:

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Jay Ferruggia