How to Become a Jacked Nin-Jilla (Ninja-Gorilla) with John Wolf – Episode 247

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

John Wolf is Onnit’s Chief Fitness Officer, and an expert in unconventional training methods such as kettlebell, steel club, and suspension training. With 15-plus years of experience in the fitness industry, he has worked with rehab clients and athletes of all levels. He moves like Spider Man and can deadlift more than 500 pounds any day of the week.

If you want to learn the training methods to help you become jacked, strong, mobile and healthy don’t miss this episode.

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Show Notes:

  • The influence of hip hop in his life. [6:37]
  • How martial arts shaped his life from an early age. [8:10]
  • What was his introduction to strength training? [12:48]
  • The dark path of drugs and crime he was headed down, and how fitness saved him. [14:37]
  • The evolution of his career and how books by Pavel Tsatsouline completely changed his views on fitness. [19:17]
  • Why having a small space, and building relationships was KEY to his early success. [24:27]
  • How his love for teaching and designing training programs led to an opportunity of a lifetime with ONNIT. [29:17]
  • Why he wanted to make fitness more accessible to everyone. [32:12]
  • Why you must focus on the restorative process to amplify your results. [34:42]
  • What training program would he prescribe for the average Joe looking to get lean and build a foundation? [39:42]
  • The misconception of low reps vs. high reps and how it impacts the recovery process. [49:11]
  • A seasoned lifter has 90 days to get in superhero shape for a movie – What’s the training program John would prescribe? [51:02]
  • What recovery methods should you be using to optimize your progress? [56:54]
  • How does he EAT to optimize his body? [59:45]
  • What books does he recommend? [1:04:28]


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