The 7 Keys to Longevity with Dr. Jonny Bowden – Episode 273

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Do you love the rare instances when the sequel is even better than the original?

If so, then you’re going to dig the hell out of this episode of Renegade Radio with Dr. Jonny Bowden.

Known as the “Nutrition Myth Buster,” Jonny helps people sift through the dietary bull sh*t that is commonplace in the health and wellness industry and get to what actually works for weight loss and optimal health.

In this episode he drops even more knowledge on the Renegade Nation to help YOU look great and feel amazing, without driving yourself insane trying to figure it out on your own.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • What’s new on his radar? [9:31]
  • What are his latest thoughts on keto/low carb diets? [12:24]
  • Jonny’s history with alcohol and drugs. [17:58]
  • Should you optimize sleep before everything else? [24:48]
  • The 7 Pillars of Longevity. [26:45]
  • Have low sex drive? Here’s why and what you can do about it. [41:31]
  • Is stress killing you? Prevent disease and early death! [47:39]
  • The significance of having community and connection in your life. [49:57]
  • Do some people do better on a high carb diet? [51:49]
  • Take care of your heart! Debunking the myths surrounding cholesterol and effective supplements for heart health. [56:04]
  • Jonny’s take on CBD and why YOU should be taking it. [1:05:29]


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