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My Bloodwork Results & Hormone Optimization Strategies

As you age, some of the most important factors in long term health are hormone optimization and regular blood work. While I always encourage my clients to rely on how they look, feel, and perform, at some point those signals can only tell you so much. You may feel great while some underlying health issue smolders under the surface. One day, you find out you have a chronic health issue because you didn’t know enough to take action early on. It doesn’t matter if it’s life threatening or just a burden to your quality of life. You gotta give yourself the opportunity to… continue reading.

Optimizing Your Carb Intake

Carbohydrates are the double edged sword of performance nutrition. On the one hand, they give you great workouts and make any muscle building diet more effective.  On the other hand, too much of them will slap saggy belly fat on you. Especially if you haven’t gotten lean enough to handle a higher carb diet. Now, throughout my years of obsessing over how to gain muscle as fast as humanly possible, I’ve tried every diet under the sun. Ketogenic diets, cyclic ketogenic diets, vegetarian, paleo, and high protein diets. And to this day, I’m always tweaking things to get better performance, more muscle, and fast… continue reading.

Triceps n Traps Specialization + The Fast Fat Loss Plan

When it comes to getting jacked, focusing on the basics will get you 90% of the way there. That means doing the following: Staying consistent with 3 hard strength training workouts per week  Dialing in your nutrition plan  Adding in 1-3 high intensity conditioning sessions each week to stay lean. But, to take your physique to the next level, there are some advanced strategies that you can use in the gym and the kitchen. From body part specific workouts and training templates to small tweaks to your daily diet.  These adjustments will separate you from the masses. continue reading.

What Are the Best Natural Testosterone Boosters For Men?

Question: Are there any natural testosterone boosters that could raise my levels without having to resort to drugs? What about lifestyle choices? Answer: Low testosterone is no fun. It leads to less muscle, more body-fat, depression and, of course, the inability to get it up. This is a recipe for a disastrous, unhealthy, lonely life. The problem, though, is what happens when you look for ways to boost testosterone. You get bombarded with supplement scams that claim 697% increases in testosterone. If only that were true. continue reading.

Improve Your Sleep Instantly

Sleep is the single most important thing for improving your body composition and overall health. In Anthony DiClementi’s amazing book, The Biohackers Guide you’ll learn how to instantly improve your sleep. Topics include: -Why is it that dozens of influential thinkers, inventors, businessmen, and politicians can get away with 5, 4, or even 3 hours of sleep each night and function at a high level? The answer will surprise you – pg. 172 -5 sleep biohacks, 14 sleep improvement tools, 10+ smartphone apps, dozens… continue reading.

What’s In The Perfect Pre-Workout Meal?

There are 5 components of a great pre-workout meal: 1. Protein You want just enough protein to get some amino acids in your system. That’s about 30 grams. If you are trying to gain a lot of weight, you may end up having more, but that’s just because all your meals have to be bigger. Not because more protein is better. 2. Carbohydrates Don’t get suckered into low carb hype and wonder, “Shouldn’t I avoid carbs in my pre-workout meal? The thinking is that if you avoid carbs before you train, you will burn… continue reading.

Biohacking Secrets Free Book

My buddy Anthony DiClementi wrote an amazing book called The Biohackers Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus. And he’s offering to ship you a free copy. Here are a few of the secrets that you’ll be given for FREE… -10 biological essentials capable of triggering what scientists call “desirable gene expression”. Finding these vitality hacks in nature is nearly impossible – pg. 31 -26+ signs and symptoms of food sensitivity you can’t ignore. plus the “big 4 toxins” you can immediately minimize –… continue reading.

Can You Get Ripped Through Diet Alone?

Yes, you can. Absolutely. What you shove down your pie hole is the single most important factor relating to fat loss. Diet, diet, diet. That should be your focus. You could do nothing but get up and go to work each morning, come home, sit on the couch and repeat. And still lose a significant amount of bodyfat if you’re eating properly. But that is the worst message in the world to be promoting. I hate it more than people texting at the dinner table. I loathe it. It’s that oafish, unathletic, unfit 80’s bodybuilder type of mindset. The… continue reading.

The Final Word On Eating Carbs at Night

When someone suggests eating a carb-rich meal before bed, do you shudder at the thought of the fat it will slap on your gut? Do you cringe thinking about all of that starch finding its way to your love handles? I hope not. Most members of the Renegade nation know the nonsense behind this myth. But, many of you still don’t trust the fact that a big, carb dense dinner will keep you lean and make your more jacked. It’s time to put the nail in the coffin. Let’s look at the facts behind why… continue reading.

7 Healthy Snacks for Busy Guys On the Go

The task of eating healthy can seem daunting. And making time for 3-4 big meals wastes precious hours of your day. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stay on top of your nutrition plan without feeling overwhelmed by high performance eating. Instead of drowning in time-consuming, restrictive meal plans, follow the staple concept of the Renegade Diet and eat light throughout the day. For busy guys, having a few small meals and healthy snacks will be the perfect amount of food. It carries you through the day, letting you maintain focus… continue reading.

Pro Wrestler Getting His Best Results Ever

I just received some great feedback I needed to share with you. It’s from a professional wrestler I know who has trained Renegade style for years now. He hasn’t made it up to the main WWE roster yet, but he’s still putting in that hard work, chasing his dream, 24/7. Anyway, here’s his email: “My man. I’ve been getting your emails about Brad Pilon’s How Much Protein, and since changing my diet my protein count is down to 95 grams per day. Amazing… continue reading.

Eat Your F*ckin Veggies

Guest Post by By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, RHN Did you know that the food industry has been feeding you “addictive” lies for years? I bet you do. And I’m not talking about the ones where they chemically engineer food with sugar, fat, and salt so that your brain is flooded with “pleasure” signals upon eating them, making them more addictive than you’re aware of. You know as well as I do that these processed and packaged foods are metabolism death foods. But have you ever considered why real foods like vegetables and fruit never have any of those “health check” symbols… continue reading.

The Carb-Calorie Connection & 3 Mistakes Low-Carb Suckas Make

Guest Post by Nate Miyaki, Author of The Truth About Carbs Don’t call it a comeback; carbs have been here for years Building rockin’ bodies amongst my peers Puttin’ misinformed low-carb suckas in fear…. You want the Carb Truth? Do you think you can handle it? Carbs are gonna knock you out…in a good way baby. Carbs trigger serotonin release, which induces restful sleep. Many athletes that train hard and try to cut carbs at night suffer from insomnia. Now you know why. But if you flip the script and include some carbs with dinner like Momma, Miyaki,… continue reading.

3 New Recipes You’ve Gotta Try

Over the last year or so I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and spend a lot of time with Diana Keuilian. Aside from being a super cool friend, Di is also one of the greatest cooks I’ve ever met. From celebrations at her house to tailgate parties before concerts, Di is always whipping up something delicious that I’ve been lucky enough to try. She just released her brand new book, The Recipe Hacker, and was kind enough to share three of my favorite recipes with you guys right here on the blog. Enter Diana… Wrapped Asparagus… continue reading.

Keepin’ It Simple: The Truth About Abs

Guest Post by Danny Kavadlo There are no quick fixes or instant transformations. The sooner we get that out of the way, the better. Sadly, in a world of office weight loss contests, celebrity dieting pageants and fantastical infomercials, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that transforming a body in any capacity takes time and effort. Though we are often told otherwise, training your abs is no exception. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read articles claiming that with these “three easy steps” or “these five foods to avoid”, you can get six-pack abs. Yeah… continue reading.