The Alarming Truth About Supplements; and Should You Go Keto with Dr. Anthony Gustin – Episode 234

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Stop wasting your money on worthless supplements that are only wrecking your health. Before you spend another dime at the local “health food” store, or click “Add to Cart” on a supplement website, listen to this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast with Dr. Anthony Gustin.

Dr. Gustin is a Functional Medicine and Sports Rehab clinician. He tried using supplements in the treatment of his elite athletes but found nothing improved performance AND health. Even worse, he found that most of the supplements on the market wreck gut health and promote inflammation. He hit the lab with his very high standard of health and nutrition. After spending hundreds of hours in research, he found the best ingredients for specific nutrition needs and the most effective doses and combinations. His work led to the creation of the ultimate whole food supplement line, Equip Foods.

In this episode you’ll learn the dirty secrets the supplement industry doesn’t want you to know. Dr. Gustin explains how to improve your gut health by identifying ingredients you should not consume. We delve into simplifying nutrition, eating based on your goals, the misconceptions of keto, and much more.

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Show Notes:

  • His background and what inspired him to start his supplement company, Equip Foods. [4:39]
  • Dirty secrets of the supplement industry and the obstacles Anthony had to overcome before he could provide people with healthier, more effective products. [9:11]
  • How to identify ingredients that are harmful to your body and why his products are different and better than his competitors. [12:41]
  • Is high quality meat actually better for your health than vegetables? [21:53]
  • How to simplify nutrition and eat based on your goals. [25:24]
  • How he reverse engineered a ketogenic diet before it was a fad and how it could benefit you. [39:07]
  • Should you eat fat if your goal is to burn fat? The misconceptions of the keto diet and the importance of the types and amounts of fat and protein you consume. [41:47]
  • How Anthony tailors his approach to training based on how he feels that day. [54:17]
  • The routines and practices he has to crush his mornings and own his days. [56:27]


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