Building a Billion Dollar Fitness Business (and All That Goes With It): Lisa Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition – Episode 249

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Lisa Bilyeu knows what it takes to evolve and transform your life. She has gone from film student, to housewife, to ultra-successful entrepreneur. She and her husband Tom co-founded and co-own Quest Nutrition, which has grown into a billion dollar company. They also created The Impact Theory blog and podcast as well as The Health Theory podcast. Lisa achieved this high level of success while battling severe gut health issues, limiting self-beliefs and fear of failure.

In this episode we talk about business success, optimal health and how to live a happy and fulfilled life. She shares insights into her evolution, discusses the things that hold most people back and provides tips for changing your mindset to achieve more success. We talk about the importance of the mind/gut connection, how to use nutrition to heal your body and achieve optimal health, and much more.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey to better health and more success, or you’ve been trying for years to find the right path, there’s something in this episode for everyone.

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Show Notes:

  • The evolution of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu style. [5:02]
  • From housewife to successful entrepreneur – the importance of learning “on the go”. [11:48]
  • What does her day to day look like in the business? [14:34]
  • What are the things that most commonly hold people back? [18:02]
  • How has she overcome her limiting self-beliefs and fear of failure? [21:12]
  • Why she used her own health issues as motivation to create The Health Theory podcast. [23:39]
  • Was nutrition the key to restoring her health? [28:22]
  • The importance of mind/gut connection and the impact is has had on her life. [34:38]
  • What does her diet, training and recovery look like today? [38:56]
  • Effective techniques for dealing with stress and a look at her morning routine. [55:10]
  • What books is she reading now? [58:20]
  • What does it mean to her to impact females? Why she created the Women of Impact. [1:03:29]


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