Becoming a Superhero with Don Saladino – Episode 253

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman get their bodies so lean and muscular to prepare for roles like Dead Pool and Wolverine? While us mere mortals grind for years trying to build the perfect physique it seems like these guys are able to completely transform in a matter of months. What’s their secret? What (or who) do they know and do that the rest of us don’t?

In this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast you’ll be introduced to the man behind many of Hollywood’s most impressive physiques, Don Saladino. Don is one of the world’s leading health and fitness experts, the owner of some of the most successful fitness facilities in NYC, Drive Health Clubs, and one of the most in demand and respected trainers in the business.

As we talk training, Don not only reveals how he helps build the physiques of A-list celebrities but he also shares how he got his body ready for the cover of Muscle & Fitness. He describes how he got started in fitness, explains how he landed some big name clients and gives actionable tips to help new coaches and trainers experience more success.

Whether your goal is to transform your body, or to succeed in the fitness industry by helping clients change theirs, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • How did Don first discover his passion for fitness? [3:42]
  • At what point did he realize fitness was his career path? [6:35]
  • How he landed his first high profile client and why he prefers to be referred to as a coach and not a celebrity trainer. [10:05]
  • What you can learn from the mistakes Don made early in his career. [12:52]
  • How he trained to get ready for the cover of Muscle & Fitness and how he keeps his body 2 weeks from cover ready all year long. [14:48]
  • How should beginners train to build muscle, lose fat and gain strength? [19:42]
  • How Don trained Ryan Reynolds to get jacked for his role in Dead Pool. [21:18]
  • Is sticking to the plan keeping you and your clients from getting results? [24:17]
  • Tips for building rapport with clients – can you be their trainer AND their friend? [28:27]
  • How to eat to look, feel and perform like an athlete. [29:36]
  • His business ventures with Garden of Life products and the food service, Epicured. [40:04]
  • What you should keep in mind if you want to succeed in the fitness industry. [42:56]


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