How to Inspire, Educate and Entertain Your Customers with Mark Fisher – Episode 211

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

If you want to improve your business skills, learn to develop relationships and become a happier, more successful person you don’t want to miss this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast with the “Ninja Master” of fitness, Mark Fisher.

Mark knows how to create culture and an atmosphere of fun better than almost anyone I know. If you’re in the fitness industry or run an online business or a brick and mortar business of any kind, you’re in for a treat. Mark is going to open your eyes to endless possibilities you probably never even thought of. Everyone wants to do business with someone who makes it fun. Mark will show you how to that at the highest level.

Mark is the creator and co-CEO of Mark Fisher Fitness. Formerly a professional actor and performance artist, his unique style and flair for fun have helped make MFF the most popular and successful gym in New York City. Mark and his team have created a culture at MFF that inspires and educates members (AKA “Ninjas”) while entertaining them and helping them have fun with fitness.

Grab your notebook and get ready for an insider’s look at how the “Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams” was created.

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Show Notes:

  • Mark’s background and the story behind how he created the niche for his gyms. [4:10]
  • How he first got into fitness and what sparked his obsession with weight training. [5:59]
  • Why Mark wrote pro bodybuilder Phil Heath a fan letter and how he first started training people. [7:57]
  • Why his decision to read two books per week was a tipping point for his business and his life. [13:57]
  • How Mark started group training before he had his own facility. [16:14]
  • Why he recommends building your clientele before opening a brick and mortar business and amazing insights into how he built his. [18:09]
  • The thing that separates Mark from other trainers and why trainers should focus on becoming better performers. [21:18]
  • How he opened his first brick and mortar gym (AKA the “Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams”). [32:12]
  • Why some of his days are like performing stand-up comedy and how the culture of MFF is cultivated. [34:12]
  • How his business grew without spending any money on marketing until the 3rd year it was open. [37:07]
  • Mark explains his ultra-successful “Snatched” program and how his dislike for P90X led to its creation. [42:05]
  • The experience of walking into MFF for the first time and how he tailors the experience based on a member’s personality. [46:39]
  • How MFF fosters community and connection amongst members and balances it with the hard work that it takes to get into shape. [52:04]
  • The science of programming they use at his gyms. [56:15]
  • How would Mark train someone who needed to pack on as much muscle as possible within 90 days? [1:02:08]
  • His current training split. [1:06:20]
  • Tips for becoming a great coach and why Mark likes to think of himself as a sherpa. [1:10:28]
  • His thoughts on how to be a great leader and run a successful business. [1:17:15]
  • The ways to make your business fun. [1:24:58]
  • Can doing things like studying the arts or taking improv classes help improve your business? [1:28:56]
  • How to improve your public speaking skills and make your presentations more entertaining. [1:32:43]
  • His daily routines and habits. [1:38:08]
  • The TV shows Mark is into and the books he recommends. [1:42:04]


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