How to Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank with Thrive Market CEO, Gunnar Lovelace – Episode 237

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Why is it so difficult and expensive to get healthy food? That’s the question my guest in this episode, Gunnar Lovelace, asked himself as a child and it’s the problem he’s determined to solve as an adult.

Gunnar is the co-CEO of Thrive Market, an online wholesale buying club which offers the best natural and organic products on the market at 25-50% less than retail prices. Having grown from 10 to 400 employees in only 18 months, Thrive Market is the fastest growing health food e-Commerce company in history.

As the child of a single mother, Gunnar experienced firsthand how difficult it can be for low income families to buy healthy foods. After his mother remarried, Gunnar spent time with his stepfather who ran a co-op out of a hippie commune. The experience showed him how to make food more affordable and how to build community. He felt there was a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to allow everyone access to healthy nutrition. In 2014 he and his partners in Thrive Market set out on a mission to “make healthy living easy and affordable for every American family.”

In this episode we discuss how Gunnar started out as an entrepreneur and the challenges he overcame to start Thrive Market. We discuss the health and fitness marketing lies you should be aware of and how to avoid them. We delve into the importance of strong leadership, how to create a positive culture within a company, tips for growing a business, morning routines for a successful day and much more.

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Show Notes:

  • How growing up with less than others sparked his desire for making healthy food accessible for everyone. [5:59]
  • Why he was entrepreneurial minded from an early age. [7:19]
  • How he used persistence to raise funding for Thrive Market. [10:04]
  • His experiences creating camps at Burning Man and the organic connections created. [12:35]
  • How to become clear on what you want in life and free yourself from limiting beliefs. [15:51]
  • Why is it so difficult and expensive to get healthy food? [20:25]
  • How Thrive decides what products they will and will not sell. [22:24]
  • The importance of strong leadership in an organization to create a positive culture throughout the company. [24:19]
  • Tips on growing a successful business. [27:31]
  • The concept of “strange attractors.” How to bring purpose and context to a business to guide a positive work environment [30:57]
  • What Gunnar does on a daily basis and the importance of empowering people to do their jobs well through consistent communication. [32:32]
  • How to avoid health and fitness marketing lies and tactics. [37:37]
  • Why he uses the mantra, “keep it simple stupid” to guide his nutrition. [40:35]
  • How he practices self-care to decompress and unwind from his hectic schedule. [42:59]
  • Effective hacks for better sleep and a morning routine to help set your intention for the day. [45:13]
  • Why he recommends the children’s book, “The Giving Tree”. [48:14]
  • Future investments and projects Gunnar is excited about. [50:27]


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