How to Overcome Insecurity and be Stronger Inside and Out – Episode 218

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

How can you overcome your insecurities and be a stronger, more confident person? I’ll tell you what took me from being shy, insecure and socially awkward to the person you see me as today.

In addition we’ll talk about the safest, most effective ways to include Progressive Overload in your training. What’s the ideal training split for someone who is burned out and beat up? You’ll learn what’s worked for me and thousands of my clients.

Wanna know how to improve your fitness biz, or any business for that matter? I’ll give you actionable steps to help take your business to another level.

Don’t sleep, son. Grab some pen and paper, press play and get ready to learn all this and more including:

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Show Notes:

  • How to overcome insecurities and the role that training plays in the process. [1:55]
  • The safest, most effective ways to include Progressive Overload in your training. [9:41]
  • How to ask better questions in order to help people help you. [15:46]
  • Ways to improve a fitness or coaching business. [17:57]
  • Reasons for poor sleep and the best ways to improve it. [23:54]
  • The ideal training split and programming if you’re burned out and beat up. [26:54]
  • How to add explosive exercises to your training program. [34:24]


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