How to Become a Better Human with Ryan Munsey – Episode 228

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

In this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast we explore how to do better and be better with Ryan Munsey of The Better Human Project. Ryan is a high performance consultant helping athletes and entrepreneurs optimize their mind and body so they can make a bigger impact on the world.

He shares inspiring stories of people from all walks of life and provides you with tools you need to become better. He encourages and empowers people to give back in an effort to improve our communities.

Ryan explains how he got into bodybuilding and nutrition. We discuss his transition from a gym owner, to host of the Optimal Performance Podcast, to his current endeavor with The Better Human Project. He drops knowledge on nutrition, outlines his approach to training and so much more.

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Show Notes:

  • “I filled the competitive void by lifting weights.” His experience as a college athlete and how he got into training and nutrition. (3:00)
  • Why did Ryan sell the very successful gym he built from the ground up? (7:00)
  • Be better and do better. The transition from the OPP Podcast to his current endeavor with The Better Human Project. (13:18)
  •  “I wasn’t happy with how I was projecting myself to the world.” How his insecurities and the way people looked at him served as fuel in the early days. (15:05)
  • How your body’s ability to burn sugar impacts health and longevity. (18:17)
  • The cow is not the problem. The how is the problem. Ryan counters the argument that not eating meat is the best option. (24:17)
  • The importance of food quality and nutrient timing. “The carnivore diet,” and how he currently eats. (31:40)
  • What he does to hack his mental and transit state. (42:30)
  • Should you exert the least amount of effort to elicit the most gains? Ryan explains what he does in the gym these days. (47:45)


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