Make the Comeback of Your Life with Fitness Expert, Holly Perkins – Episode 246

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Holly Perkins is a health and fitness expert who knows how to build an impressive physique and a business that thrives. She’s a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, personal trainer of celebrities, online fitness coach and the author of “Lift to Get Lean”.

In this episode we discuss how to train to get jacked and how to eat to feel great. We talk about taking risks to succeed, building a presence online, how to dominate your day and much, much more.

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Show Notes:

  • Why eliminating these foods helped alleviate Holly’s anxiety and depression. [3:08]
  • Should you do a food elimination test and start eating for your blood type? [9:44]
  • What does “eating right” mean for Holly now? [17:20]
  • Why she followed her bliss and pursued her passion for building a fitness empire. [23:48]
  • What is it like to train Howard Stern and other A-list celebrities? [28:20]
  • How a series of fortunate events and being a blind risk taker landed her a book deal. [31:12]
  • The most important and impactful thing to do if you’re a trainer. [35:45]
  • Why did Holly decide to transition from 1 on 1 coaching to building an online business? [41:53]
  • Tips for growing your presence online and how she turned her life around with The Comeback Program. [45:58]
  • Why she trains like a bodybuilder and an inside look at a typical week of training. [50:50]
  • The single most important recovery method you can do and how to optimize it. [57:58]
  • How to set your intention in the morning so you can dominate your day. [1:05:41]
  • Is there such a thing as balance in life? [1:10:15]


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