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Top 10 Healthy Foods I Can’t Live Without

I got this question from my buddy, Gary Deagle on Twitter. @JasonFerruggia Top 5 foods you can’t live without? — Gary Deagle (@GaryDeagle) October 18, 2014 But it was too hard to limit it to five so I cheated and doubled the number. And I’m answering it in a blog post instead of on the podcast. Slacker move? You decide. But maybe I’ll surprise you and do both. I’m crazy like that. If you’ve ever been around me when food is served you’d know that saying I love to eat is a gross… continue reading.

2 Muscle And Fat-Loss Myths You Can Stop Worrying About

Guest Post By Sean Hyson C.S.C.S. When you’re a beginner, you don’t think too much about the program you’re on or what food you need to eat to maximize the results. It’s enough to just go to the gym and lift hard. And go ahead and ask an advanced lifter about his training. It’s probably so simple you won’t believe it. But when you’re in between those two stages—an intermediate meathead—you’ve been exposed to just enough information that you analyze, and then over-analyze, everything. And that’s when you fall for the tricks that hold back your progress. Jay… continue reading.

Introducing Renegade Roasting Co

In case you didn’t know, it’s National Coffee Day. To celebrate we are proud to announce the launch of the Renegade Roasting Co. If you know me you know I LOVE coffee. It’s one of my favorite things in life. And the only thing I need to set PR’s in the gym and reach superhuman levels of productivity at work. So it only made sense to start our own coffee company. We took months to seek out the highest quality, best tasting beans we could find. Then we needed a roasterie. I’m old school and like things… continue reading.

More Energy And Faster Recovery From Your Workouts (Here’s How)

Guest Post by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, RHN, and author of The All-Day Energy Diet I am a firm believer that intense exercise is a must for improved fitness and good health. However, it must be balance with adequate recovery. As a former pro soccer player, I can speak from firsthand experience that it’s how you eat and what you do BETWEEN your workouts that matters most, especially if you want to avoid running your body into the ground. Your body can only handle so much stress before it falls apart. If you love working out, then that’s awesome. What I’m… continue reading.

Is Alcohol Really Going To Ruin Your Gains?

An RSC Exclusive Report – Sign up HERE to become a member today. Is Alcohol Really Going To Ruin Your Gains? by RSC Asst Coach Jack Penner A fundamental aspect of the Renegade philosophy lies in enjoying life as much as possible. If this lifestyle of strength training and being jacked leads to a life full of workouts without any fun, you’ve wasted your time. As Stephen King wrote, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” But many of you have a problem. Your dedication to the iron game leads to just that. continue reading.

Dave Chapelle’s an Idiot

Not really. Not at all, actually.  I love Dave. Huge fan of everything he does. I watched his new Netflix specials recently and laughed my ass off. But I really cringed at one point. Not because he said something politically incorrect or insensitive. That’s comedy… something that, sadly, needs explaining to a lot of people these days.   No, what got me was when Dave said that salt is what’s killing more people than anything else. Ugh… Here we go again. continue reading.

The Renegade Kitchen

An RSC Exclusive Report – Sign up HERE to become a member today. The Renegade Kitchen by RSC Asst Coach Jack Penner You’re ready to take your status as a hardcore Renegade to the next level. Like Shannon Sharpe, you have an unrivaled obsession with transforming yourself into the perfect specimen, the pinnacle of invincibility. You train harder than anyone you know, religiously follow the Renegade Diet, and take every step imaginable to optimizing you’re recovery. “I’ve got it all dialed” you say, as you shovel some more jasmine rice into your perfectly healed gut. Or, so… continue reading.

My Simple, “Lifestyle” Approach to Nutrition

The last thing I could ever imagine doing is carrying around Tupperware containers and weighing my food all day. I need freedom and simplicity in everything I do. Otherwise my life sucks. So my approach to nutrition reflects that. When I wake up in the morning I’m not that hungry. I just need to get shit done. That’s my most productive time of the day and I need to attack my MIT (Most Important Task) with a vengeance. That means I’m drinking water and coffee and skipping food for the first couple hours. Some people freak out and… continue reading.

The Results of my 30 Day Gut Healing Experiment

I’d been dealing with gut and digestion issues for too long and finally had to put a stop to it. If it wasn’t the gas and bloating it was the weakened immune system or the inability to eat many of my favorite foods. I literally could not eat more than a small sweet potato without my stomach blowing up like a balloon. The same thing would happen with a lot of my favorite fruits. Most nights I had to sit upright on the couch until 3am because I was too bloated and uncomfortable to lie down. continue reading.

5 Reasons You Should Eat Some Carbs On Rest Days

Guest Post by Nate Miyaki, Author of Feast Your Fat Away About a year ago, I was hanging out with a colleague and friend of mine.  We were downtown around lunchtime. In between intermittent deep thoughts about important nutrition topics, we were trying to look down the shirts and up the skirts of some fine looking women in their business attire. Now here’s what I don’t get. I had just returned from Hawaii, a place where women walking around in bikinis is the norm.  I wasn’t going to see anything different hiding under those work clothes… continue reading.

Is Raw Milk Dangerous? (The Raw Truth)

Guest Post by the creator of the Truth About Fat Burning Foods, Nick “The Nutrition Nerd” Pineault Hey, get ready because the Nutrition Nerd is back with the raw truth for you. Just poured myself a large glass of fatty raw milk, and I’m so eager to destroy this one particular nutrition myth that I feel like I could rip my shirt and grow a yellow mustache while I’m at it. That’s how enthusiastic this stuff gets me. Before we address all the B.S. you hear in the media about raw milk’s safety, let’s ask the… continue reading.

Meal Frequency and Metabolism

Guest Post By Sol Orwell of Examine.com For those that haven’t seen Examine.com, you’re missing out. They’ve built up a solid reputation on presenting evidence-based information on nutrition and supplementation. I get a ton of questions about nutrition, so I asked if they would do a series of posts on nutrition. Maybe even tackle some myths. Here’s the first one – on meal frequency. Meal Frequency? A common claim is that eating more meals a day causes an increase in metabolism? Another claim is that because your metabolism keeps spiking, you burn more fat, which helps with fat loss. What’s… continue reading.

My Thoughts on The Paleo Diet

A lot of times people who are unfamiliar with my thoughts on nutrition ask me my opinion of the Paleo Diet. For some reason it’s somewhat controversial in certain circles. I have no idea why. The Paleo Diet is a great nutritional concept that just about anyone could benefit from embracing. Eat real, whole foods, avoid anything processed and avoid grains, sugar, dairy and legumes. I have zero problem with it. Some people get all upset about the no grains recommendation but you’ve gotta give it an honest try first. In most cases people feel better without grains. They suffer… continue reading.

Your Healthy Food Sucks

Guest Post by the creator of The Truth About Fat Burning Foods, Nick “The Nutrition Nerd” Pineault Your healthy food sucks. Wait a minute…. What the hell is this nerd talking about? Let me explain. What I mean is… your healthy food probably sucks. You know the grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, alternative sweeteners, olive oils, etc. that you’re paying a boatload of money for? They’re not what you think. After spending hundreds of caffeinated hours in front of my computer being the real self-educated nutrition nerd I am, I realized that most people get scammed when shopping for… continue reading.

The Biggest Nutrition Mistake You Could Make

Tom couldn’t figure it out. Why was it that every time he’d bust his ass to gain ten pounds over the course of 3-4 months he’d always end up hating the way he looked? He was bigger but fatter. Out of the ten pounds six or seven was always pure, gelatinous, adipose tissue, also known as body-fat. No matter what he did the results were always the same. If he ate higher carbs and lower fat or lower carbs and higher fat the same thing would happen when he went on a rapid bulk plan…. He just got fat. Then… continue reading.