Improve Your Sleep Instantly

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Sleep is the single most important thing for improving your body composition and overall health.

In Anthony DiClementi’s amazing book, The Biohackers Guide you’ll learn how to instantly improve your sleep.

Topics include:

-Why is it that dozens of influential thinkers, inventors, businessmen, and politicians can get away with 5, 4, or even 3 hours of sleep each night and function at a high level? The answer will surprise you – pg. 172

-5 sleep biohacks, 14 sleep improvement tools, 10+ smartphone apps, dozens of supplements, and 40+ sleep quality improvement ideas you’ll be able to implement starting tonight – pg. 203

-9 health concerns you can avoid with proper sleep cycle optimization – pg. 173

-Using a tested, proven, and re-tested sleep strategy implemented by U.S. Navy Seals. Manipulate your sleep patterns to increase cognitive function by 20% and physical performance by 50% – pg. 176

-10 essential considerations for the one piece of furniture where you’ll spend over 1/3 of your life. Hacking your mattress – pg. 179

-3 major sleep components and a researched sleep strategy you can use to scientifically trick your mind into thinking you slept 2x longer than you actually did – pg. 181

-The truth about overstimulation and one mistake you make every single night that’s guaranteed to keep you tossing and turning for hours – pg. 183

-6 sleep hacks from sports superstars – Copy and paste the performance-enhancing secrets of the world’s greatest athletes – pg. 184

-Signs you should get a sleep study and the deadly cycle of sleep disturbances that result in low energy levels, brain fog, and a myriad of health conditions – pg. 189

-5 smartphone apps, their uses, and my personal recommendations for computer-aided sleep (you’ll also get my full list of auditory brain entertainment suggestions) – pg. 200

-11 sleep-aid supplements, their uses, and how you can implement proper supplementation to make the most of your sleep cycles – pg. 201

-Understand how exercise affects your sleep! I’m going to give you a tip you can try today that might go against what you’ve heard from doctors and personal trainers (This strategy has over 100+ studies behind it) – pg. 202

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Jay Ferruggia