Biohacking Secrets Free Book

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

My buddy Anthony DiClementi wrote an amazing book called The Biohackers Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus.

And he’s offering to ship you a free copy.

Here are a few of the secrets that you’ll be given for FREE…

-10 biological essentials capable of triggering what scientists call “desirable gene expression”. Finding these vitality hacks in nature is nearly impossible – pg. 31

-26+ signs and symptoms of food sensitivity you can’t ignore. plus the “big 4 toxins” you can immediately minimize – pg. 44

-GMO vs. Organic – You think you might know the difference, but you’ll discover the truth behind food modification that goes beyond what you read on the label – pg. 49

-An ultra-simple 28-day nutrition strategy that removes potential food sensitivities holding you back (there’s no “one size fits all” diet, but this will be your first step in discovering what foods work for your body) – p. 53

4 food group recommendations that identify as a primary marker for favorable gene expression (no, you won’t find these food groups on the USADA food pyramid) – pg. 66

-As much as 60% of our genetic expression is determined by what we eat and not the genes you were born with. Discover 7+ foods you ate this week that were filled with gene-altering toxins you could have avoided – pg. 69

-Learn 2 strategies to keep intestinal bacterial balanced and avoid the 8+ symptoms associated with poor gut health– pg. 78

How mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to low energy levels in your body – pg. 84

-What do lower cholesterol, your blood pressure, sugar cravings, hunger, joint pain, brain fog, gum disease, tooth decay, heartburn, and sleep apnea all have in common? – p. 87

-7 supplements to have on hand, 27+ sources of healthy fats, the carbs you should and shouldn’t be eating, 12+ energy balancing foods, step-by-step eating guidelines and more – pp. 84

-How to train less, eat smarter, and feel better than you’ve ever felt. You’ll even learn how to take all the work out of biohacking your nutrition – pg. 94

7 nutrition biohacks to help increase energy production, optimize fat utilization, activate the bio-pathways that build lean muscle, and clarify your mind – pg. 96

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For more incredible secrets click HERE.

Jay Ferruggia