7 Healthy Snacks for Busy Guys On the Go

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

The task of Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.05.08 PMeating healthy can seem daunting. And making time for 3-4 big meals wastes precious hours of your day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stay on top of your nutrition plan without feeling overwhelmed by high performance eating. Instead of drowning in time-consuming, restrictive meal plans, follow the staple concept of the Renegade Diet and eat light throughout the day.

For busy guys, having a few small meals and healthy snacks will be the perfect amount of food. It carries you through the day, letting you maintain focus and energy.

If you find yourself needing an extra boost or feel the oncoming late afternoon slump, try these healthy snacks to keep you on track and feeling great. 

7 Healthy Snacks for Busy Guys.

1. Fruit

Quick, easy to digest, and delicious. This should be a go-to snack for any hard charging Renegade.

An orange, grapefruit, or handful of berries. That will be the perfect amount to fuel your domination of the day.

2. Trail Mix

I’m a huge fan of trail mix because of its convenience and calorie density. A handful can carry you for hours.

But, most store bought trail mixes are loaded with extra oils, sugar, and other garbage. Instead of eating these low quality mixes, make your own or find one with minimal additives.

Look for bags that only contain nuts, dried fruit, and maybe some seeds or shredded coconut. None of those with oils, sugar, M&Ms or chocolate covered nonsense.

3. Raw, Organic Nuts

The minimalistic snack. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, etc. Keep some of these in your car or bag and you’ve always got quality calories to grab on the go.

Just make sure you limit yourself to a handful or two. It’s too easy to whack back an entire bag and completely over do it. 

4. Epic Bars and Bags

It’s tough to find snacks that aren’t riddled with extra sugar and syrups. And most companies turn protein bars into estrogen bombs by loading them up with soy. 

Instead of grabbing your typical MuscleMax9000 candy bar, grab one of Epic’s awesome products.

Everything they make contains the best ingredients. Meat from grass-fed, free range animals. Healthy fats from coconut or organic tree nuts. And none of that extra sugar.

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5. Sushi or Rice Balls

If you can find a local Japanese shop that sells sushi or fish-stuffed rice balls you just won the lottery. Make friends with the owner and learn the employee’s names. You will soon be their best customer.

After all, it’s one of the best healthy snacks for busy guys on the go. High quality protein and starchy carbs. All packed into a bite sized ball of muscle building fuel.

6. Lara bars

For the times you’re in a pinch and just need some quick easy calories from a bar, stick with Lara bars. They have the most flavors with the least processed ingredients.

Plus, almost all their products are dairy, gluten, and soy free.

7. Grass Fed Beef Jerky

If you just need some extra protein and are tired of having shakes, check out Steve’s Grass Fed Jerky.

You always want to make sure any beef you consume comes from grass-fed, humanely raised animals. It’s better for you and the environment.

There you have it. The Renegade Guide to Healthy Snacks For Busy Guys on the Go. Never again will you feel the stress of staying on top of your diet when your day gets out of control.

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