Top 10 Healthy Foods I Can’t Live Without

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I got this question from my buddy, Gary Deagle on Twitter.

But it was too hard to limit it to five so I cheated and doubled the number.

And I’m answering it in a blog post instead of on the podcast.

Slacker move? You decide.

But maybe I’ll surprise you and do both. I’m crazy like that.

If you’ve ever been around me when food is served you’d know that saying I love to eat is a gross understatement.

But I tried to limit this to the essentials. The stuff that makes me look, feel and perform better on a daily basis.

1) Berries

Not a day goes by that I don’t eat berries of some sort. They’re packed with vital nutrients and fiber and are super easy to digest. At least for me.

2) Green Juices

I drink one of these every day to ensure that I get enough of the good stuff in me. Owning a juicer, making your own and cleaning up after seems like a royal pain in the ass. So I go across the street and get one.

The girl at the place asks my name every single day of the year. It’s bewildering. I assume she never heard of Dale Carnegie.

I don’t love chewing a ton of veggies every day and if I do my digestion is a little banged up. So I have one of these to cover me then I have steamed veggies for dinner.

As a bonus I get a salad or some raw veggies in with hummus here and there.


3) Nut Butters

Not the best option because it’s hella easy to consume way too many calories from these. Then you look like shit. But it is a good source of healthy fat and I need at least a tablespoon a day to get my fix. That shit is so freaking delicious!

4) Wild Caught Salmon

I could do without meat or eggs if I had to. It wouldn’t be a problem for me. But a really good piece of salmon would be first choice for protein and healthy fat.

5) Organic White Rice

To fuel high performance training and for physique enhancement.

my top 10 healthy foods
Chowing down at Cafe Gratitude in Venice with Luka Hocevar, Mike DeSanti and Jim “Smitty” Smith

6) High Quality Coffee

See above. Also cognitive function. I can use all the help I can get in that department. I love coffee so much I started my own coffee company.

7) Grass Fed Beef

Awesome source of protein and healthy fat. Truth be told I’d take a burger over a steak any day.

8) Organic Sweet Potatoes

Japanese are my favorite. If you haven’t tried these yet, you’re welcome.

9) Himalayan Sea Salt

For health, physique and performance goals. I even pack some of this when traveling because it’s that important.

10) Organic, Gluten Free Hot Cereals

My favorite is Cream of Rice. I also like Cream of Buckwheat and oatmeal (steel cut and the old fashion kind). There are some REALLY convincing anti-carb/Paleo guru’s who would have you believe that if you eat oatmeal you will instantly come down with pneumonia, be fatter than Rerun and have the mental acuity of a two year old. Dog.

They had me believing that for a while. Then I remembered that when I used to eat less fat and more oats I was leaner, stronger and felt better.

So I started eating oats again. And I thought to myself, “Jay, you really like oats. You should eat more of them.”

And so I did.

I got leaner and stronger.

Bonus Round

Favorite Cheat Meal– My wife’s homemade pizza

Favorite Dessert– Strawberry rhubarb pie

What are your favorite healthy foods?