Pro Wrestler Getting His Best Results Ever

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I just received some great feedback I needed to share with you.

It’s from a professional wrestler I know who has trained Renegade style for years now.

He hasn’t made it up to the main WWE roster yet, but he’s still putting in that hard work, chasing his dream, 24/7.

Anyway, here’s his email:

“My man. I’ve been getting your emails about Brad Pilon’s How Much Protein, and since changing my diet my protein count is down to 95 grams per day. Amazing how lowering my intake overall has produced so much better results overall.”

I’ve seen this countless times. People recover and sleep better, and lose fat faster when reducing protein intake.

What about the thermic effect of protein I’ve heard so much about? What about all the bodybuilding advice of having to crank your protein up when trying to lose fat?

It certainly may work for some people. But if you’re not getting the results you want from your diet you might want to try something new. You may be blown away at your results and kicking yourself for not trying this sooner.

More eye opening info at:

How Much Protein

Stay woke,

Jay Ferruggia