Keepin’ It Simple: The Truth About Abs

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

the truth about absGuest Post by Danny Kavadlo

There are no quick fixes or instant transformations. The sooner we get that out of the way, the better.

Sadly, in a world of office weight loss contests, celebrity dieting pageants and fantastical infomercials, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that transforming a body in any capacity takes time and effort. Though we are often told otherwise, training your abs is no exception.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read articles claiming that with these “three easy steps” or “these five foods to avoid”, you can get six-pack abs. Yeah right. In the immortal words of Public Enemy, “Don’t believe the hype.”

The truth is that six-pack, diamond-cut abs are a combination of sculpted abdominal muscle mass and a low body fat. That’s it. There are only two ways to achieve that: Train hard and avoid crappy food most of the time.

Many so-called experts go out of their way to complicate things, often referring to the components of foods rather than the foods themselves. I do not believe that making things sound complicated makes them any more important (or valid).

Actually, I’ve observed the opposite to be true. Counting nutrients, antioxidants, calories or whatever does not necessarily lead to results.

Let’s use common sense instead. We know that spinach is good for you. We know cupcakes (even gluten free ones) can lead to weight gain. No need to over-think.

Don’t worry about health claims like “low fat”, no HFC or low carb either. The truth is that such boasts are written by marketing honchos, who’s job is to generate revenue, not make you lean. In reality, the best foods don’t have labels: greens, fruits, nuts and quality meats are without a printed package.

Paying attention to eating good, whole, minimally processed foods is easier and tastier than measuring fat grams. And guess what? If you eat good foods most of the time, there is nothing you will have to avoid all of the time. Seriously.

My thoughts on training are simple: Train hard. Be leery of anyone who says “this is the best exercise”. There is no best. The level of intensity is more important than the specific exercise itself. There will be few yields without hard work, so whichever exercises you choose, the quality and frequency in which you train are accountable for the results.

In fitness and life, you reap what you sow. Maintain full body tension through every exercise, commanding authority and complete control of your muscles. With the right focus and attention to detail, even a pushup can be an abs exercise.

As with all types of training, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Change can take time, so try not to get too hung up on deadlines. Remember, the journey is part of the goal. Good luck and train hard!

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