The “Meathead Millionaire”, Mark Bell: Either You’re In or You’re In The Way – Episode 255

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Mark Bell is one of the most recognizable and successful men in the fitness industry.

Known as the “meathead millionaire,” Mark has managed to parlay a successful powerlifting career into a multi-million dollar business empire.

He is the creator and U.S. patent holder of one of the highest-selling fitness inventions in history, the Slingshot, and a subsequent line of fitness apparel.

Mark is also the owner of “The Strongest Gym in the West,” Super Training Gym, a strength coach and fitness expert, host of the hit podcast “Mark Bell’s Power Cast,” and the owner of internationally distributed, Power Magazine.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Mark is his ability to constantly evolve, improve and overcome new challenges. A former powerlifter and world record holder, Mark has now set his sights on dominating the bodybuilding stage the way he used to dominate the lifting platform.

Whether you’re looking for a spark of motivation and success tips to help you achieve your goals, or you just want to learn more about the man who built a fitness empire, you’ll find it all and more in this incredible episode!

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Show Notes:

  • How has Mark achieved such a high level of success in the fitness industry? [5:17]
  • Why he says the greatest thing he is going to lift is people not weights. [14:47]
  • Don’t over think – why you should sometimes put the cart before the horse. [16:53]
  • It’s YOU vs. YOU – why part of knowing who you are is knowing who you are not. [20:25]
  • How did Mark turn the idea for the Slingshot into the multi-million dollar business it is today? [25:57]
  • The writing is on the wall (literally); either you’re in or you’re in the way! [34:17]
  • Why you should be the driver of what’s cool. The dangers of social media and the importance of transparency. [37:27]
  • Has Mark’s podcast had a significant impact on his business? [48:55]
  • From record setting powerlifter to competitive bodybuilder – how his training and recovery has changed to prepare for the stage. [52:13]
  • His take on the keto diet and how his nutrition has changed for his new endeavor. [1:02:11]
  • What does the future hold for Mark? [1:06:15]
  • His plea to feed your dogs and kids REAL food! [1:10:07]


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In this episode we discuss why getting bullied motivated Mark to start training, his career as a pro wrestler and how he and his brother Chris got John Cena started in wrestling, training mistakes most people make, how to get jacked and strong, the mindset behind Mark’s success and much more.

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