Getting Jacked & Building an Empire with Mark Bell

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

When he was young and weak, Mark Bell had someone steal his football. It was a singular event that changed and shaped his entire life.

He started lifting weights the next day and soon became obsessed with the iron. A few years later he was competing in powerlifting and setting records.

That eventually led to a stint in the WWE minor league system, and the opportunity to train regularly at the infamous Westside Barbell Club in Columbus, Ohio.

When his WWE career didn’t pan out, Mark moved back to California. Not long after, he opened what has since become one of the most well known, respected and strongest gyms in the world.

He now runs an incredibly successful fitness empire and is sharing his inspiring story with us here today.

Topics include:

  • His early days of training
  • Breaking into pro wrestling
  • Becoming friends with John Cena
  • Stories from Westside
  • The dark side of deadlifts
  • Training mistakes most people make
  • His keto diet
  • His current training template and goals
  • His favorite recovery methods
  • Ways to prevent injuries
  • How to overcome resistance
  • The mindset behind his success
  • What it takes to build an empire
  • His biggest influences

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