Gettin’ Diesel With Smitty

“You’re a product of your experience.” You always hear that phrase as it applies to personal development. But it also applies to every other aspect of your life, especially your career. When I was coming up in the strength & conditioning world, I cut my teeth next to guys who spent thousands of hours on the gym floor. They coached athletes for 12+ hours. Every day. For years. I did the same and it made me into the coach I am today. One who cares about nothing but what works in the real world. Not what some study says or what some… continue reading.

Gymnastics Training, Building Confidence & Boosting Productivity

Personal development starts up top. Getting your mind right has to be your first step in becoming your strongest self. But it’s the last thing people wanna focus on. Everyone wants the plan before becoming someone who will actually take action on it. I can give any one of you a proven path to build muscle, get ripped, and live the life of your dreams. But most people will never do anything with it because they never got their mind right. Only the few people who transform their mindset will see results. First, you gotta prioritize your mental and physical health. 30 minutes of daily exercise… continue reading.

Why You Shouldn’t Go To College, Own a House, or Buy Stocks

Go to college to get the degree to land the job to make the money to buy the house to retire early to live a life of comfort and security. That’s the “American Dream” flavored kool-aid we’ve been drinking for the last 70 years. In ’69, this was a sure fire way to live the good life. But what happens when you blindly follow that path today? Most of the time, you end up stuck. Stuck in a boring town that’s not as cool as it used to be. Rooted down by a house that’s too big of a pain to sell. Working a job you’re… continue reading.

Real World Self Defense w/ Tim Larkin

Why do you train? Is it to look a certain way, or does your motivation go past the superficial rewards? It better. As a man, you have an obligation to build the physical and mental strength to protect yourself and those you love. It’s easy to think that as long as you’re big, strong, and jacked, you’re prepared to defend yourself in most situations. Toss some martial arts training and you’re going above and beyond what’s necessary. I used to think that way, too. But after speaking with today’s guest, Tim Larkin, I realize it’s not enough. Tim is the world’s… continue reading.

How To Do What You Love And Get Paid For It w/ Chris Guillebeau

We all have dreams of finding the perfect job. Of creating a life where we set our own schedule, do only the things we love, and say, “No” to anything else. Oh right, we gotta make a living too. If so many people want to move towards an unconventional career, why don’t most do it? For one, it’s hard. Creating your dream job can mean opening yourself up to criticism from those scared to rock the boat and defy the status quo. It’s also flat out confusing. There are so many ways to transform an unfulfilling life into one of financial freedom and complete satisfaction. Should… continue reading.

F*ck What They Want

They want to give you a trophy when you’re a young athlete whether you’re victorious or not. It’s a better representation of the world you’ll grow up in. One with no competition. No winners. No losers. Everyone just claps for you and wishes you the best in life. Always. They want you to go to college because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Don’t worry about if it will actually prepare you for life in the real world. Never mind the fact that those four years might actually be better spent getting invaluable experiences and a head start on your… continue reading.

Vote For The Winner Of The Latest 90 Day Transformation Contest

We just wrapped up the most recent 90 day transformation contest in the Renegade Strength Club. Both of these guys followed Renegade Workouts like Renegade Strong and dialed in their nutrition with the Renegade Diet.  There were quite a few impressive submissions, but these two guys separated themselves from the rest of the group with their insane results. Now it’s up to you vote for the grand prize winner. You get to pick who gets an ALL EXPENSES PAID beach vacation to Santa Monica, California where the winner will hang and train with me for the weekend. So… continue reading.

No One Can Do It Alone

Like most small business owners and entrepreneurs, I often made the mistake of trying to do everything myself. I was the trainer, the receptionist, the front desk person, the janitor, cleaning person, marketing guy, and everything in between. Eventually, I smartened up and learned how to run a training company more efficiently. That simply meant hiring help. When I started the online component of my fitness business I repeated the same mistakes and had to learn the hard way. I made changes and improvements on a yearly basis. But they came at a snails pace. I was still my own… continue reading.

Stop Being a Spectator and Start Playing to Win

By Jack Penner, one of the coaches in the Renegade Strength Club Two types of people walk through the world. Spectators and Players. Which kind are you? Do you let others fly by, achieving the goals you dream about? Sit there on Facebook, seething at photos of those living a better life than you? You don’t wake up as the person you’re proud of by watching things happen. You don’t leave a legacy by cheering from a position of comfort. The Signs of a Spectator 1. continue reading.

How to Struggle Less & Accomplish More

Guest Post by Mitch Calvert Are you struggling with a goal right now – unsure how you will accomplish it? Maybe it’s finally getting around to building the body you want. Maybe it’s a career change you’ve been dying to make. Or maybe it’s popping the question to your girl, moving into new digs and starting the next chapter of your life. Whatever it is, do you have the goal written down with actionable steps to get there along the way? The make-it-up-as-you-go approach might get you there eventually (if you’re lucky), but it’s not optimal. Sure, that paddle… continue reading.

Charity Water Campaign Update

What’s up, everyone? I just got some incredible news that I had to share with all of you. Combating the lack of access to clean water is a huge passion of mine, and back in September, we ran a Charity Water campaign alongside my 40th birthday. I am still blown away by your support, which helped raise $30,000. You guys are amazing. There was so much energy around this campaign that Scott Harrison, Charity Water’s Founder & CEO, was kind enough to come on the podcast and talk about building a start up, developing leadership skills, and generating support… continue reading.

How The Shy Guy Took The Stage & Kicked Some Ass

Guest Post By Chad Proud When I signed up for the inaugural Renegade Live event back just before Christmas I really had no idea what to expect or to hope for. In fact, I almost didn’t sign up at all. When I opened my e-mail and read the invitation the “Resistance” as Steven Pressfield would call it crept in. “That would be nice.” “I don’t have enough money right now.” “Would I have enough vacation time?” “Who’s going to take care of the dog?” After doing some research and realizing that it wouldn’t actually be that expensive, I said “fuck… continue reading.

Breakthrough Weekend Recap

Guest post by Stuart Mullins This weekend was the first time Jay’s message sank in with me. He has talked for years about he was a shy, skinny fat, D student kid that had giant failures. And that he got to where he is today by implementing certain daily habits, reading, and then practicing what he learned. It wasn’t until I watched him in person that I really got it. Yes, Jay is a larger than life character. He has command and presence. At a table full of guys, the waitress talks to him first. People naturally fall behind him… continue reading.

Vote For The Winner of Our Latest 60 Day Fat Loss Contest

We recently wrapped up our 60 day fat loss contest in the Renegade Strength Club. All of these guys followed the Battle Ground workout (an RSC Exclusive) and used the Renegade Diet. There were a lot of great submissions. But we’ve gone through the after pics and, after an initial round of pre-judging, have narrowed it down to the final four. Now it’s up to you vote for the grand prize winner. What’s up for grabs, you ask? An ALL EXPENSES PAID beach vacation to Santa Monica, California where the winner will hang and train with… continue reading.

My “Midlife Crisis?”

I always laughed or rolled my eyes when I heard about people going through a “midlife crisis.” It was usually associated with buying expensive cars, getting hair transplants and dating younger women. Seemed like a bunch of weak minded bullshit to me. Then I kind of went through one myself when I was turning forty. And it fucked me up. Confused the shit out of me and made me question who I was and why I do everything I do. I didn’t like the answers I came up with I had a long, serious sit down with the man in… continue reading.