Real World Self Defense w/ Tim Larkin

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

IUmvr3eNWhy do you train?

Is it to look a certain way, or does your motivation go past the superficial rewards?

It better.

As a man, you have an obligation to build the physical and mental strength to protect yourself and those you love.

It’s easy to think that as long as you’re big, strong, and jacked, you’re prepared to defend yourself in most situations. Toss some martial arts training and you’re going above and beyond what’s necessary.

I used to think that way, too. But after speaking with today’s guest, Tim Larkin, I realize it’s not enough.

Tim is the world’s leader in self defense and the founder of what has been called the most powerful self-defense system of all time, Target Focus Training. He has worked with some of the most lethal humans on the planet, from Navy SEALs and military special forces to prison inmates and gang members.

Today, he is here to transform your views on self-defense, violence, and martial arts training. Tune in to hear Tim and I discuss how you can learn, apply, and understand how self defense works in real world situations.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 0:36: Tim tells his story of hanging with Navy SEALs and changing career paths into self protection
  • 6:22: Tim talks about the transition to hand-to-hand combat in the U.S. military and his first exposure to the training style he would study for the rest of his life
  • 17:48: The core principles of Target Focus Training
  • 20:18: The most important end goal in a self-defense situation
  • 25:59: What types of aggression can you avoid and which ones do you have to get involved in?
  • 27:23: How to prepare for the unknown aspects of self-defense
  • 28:58: The difference between real violence and combat sports
  • 29:51: “I need you learning how to tear apart the human body in a methodical way”
  • 32:21: Why a lack of training makes people more violent
  • 36:56: Why UFC and MMA don’t prepare you for real world situations
  • 40:03: Self defense lessons from prison inmates and the world’s most dangerous gang members
  • 48:49: What are the warnings signs of violence?
  • 51:14: Tim gives a personal example how he handles potentially violent situations
  • 54:10: “The 3 Day Test” and how you can decide whether or not to engage in an aggression
  • 55:20: “I treat everyone like they are 6 seconds away from going on a shooting spree”
  • 58:09: Why women MUST train in self defense
  • 1:01:25: What happened when Tony Robbins went through Tim’s courses
  • 1:05:10: Tim talks meditation, daily habits for success, and his favorite books
  • 1:12:59: What lessons has Tim learned in building his own business?
  • 1:15:45: Tim walks you through his day to day life and long term goals

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

War Of Art by Steven Pressfield: One of Tim’s top books for personal development (From Jay: One of my all time favorites, as well).

How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis: The one book Tim gives to other entrepreneurs

Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss: Tim’s #1 book

Connect with Tim:

If you want more from Tim, check out his website, and check out his Target Focus Training.

You can connect with him on Twitter @TFTTimLarkin, Facebook, and Instagram @TFTTimLarkin.

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