Gettin’ Diesel With Smitty

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

smitty“You’re a product of your experience.”

You always hear that phrase as it applies to personal development. But it also applies to every other aspect of your life, especially your career.

When I was coming up in the strength & conditioning world, I cut my teeth next to guys who spent thousands of hours on the gym floor. They coached athletes for 12+ hours. Every day. For years. I did the same and it made me into the coach I am today.

One who cares about nothing but what works in the real world. Not what some study says or what some theoretical physiological mechanism proposes.

It’s all about results. Period.

My closest friends in the fitness industry feel the exact same way. Guys like Joe DeFranco, Alwyn Cosgrove, John Alvino, Luka Hocevar, and today’s guest, Jim “Smitty” Smith.

There’s a certain mindset that comes with this approach. You focus on what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

You learn to always reflect, evaluate, and refine your approach. Not only in training, but also in life.

Jim is the perfect example of the constant improvement this mindset brings. Over the years, we have both gone through dramatic changes. I have seen him transform into an incredible strength coach, and a confident, successful, fulfilled human.

In this episode, Jim and I were just having a regular conversation between friends. But I knew I had to record it because of how much incredible insight he always shares.

Tune in to hear Smitty and I discuss how he has evolved as a man and strength coach, and hear first hand the results of relentless committment and unwavering dedication to lifelong improvement.

If you only have a couple minutes, check out the section on sample workouts and how our training approach has evolved over the years.

And to download Smitty’s top 3 Exercises for healthy elbows click HERE and watch the video demos HERE.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 1:36: A new way to use deep breathing to enhance performance
  • 7:23: The benefits of cryotherapy
  • 20:10: Uncommon solutions to elbow pain and why pulldowns can be a better exercise than chin-ups
  • 27:16: The reason barbell movements are a problem for so many lifters
  • 35:23: How older guys need to sequence their workouts for optimal progress
  • 40:09: What’s the best rep range for single leg exercises?
  • 42:37: Is it possible to get jacked without touching a barbell?
  • 49:15: Smitty’s favorite new shoulder exercises
  • 59:44: Sample workout templates and programming the big lifts
  • 1:11:45: Similarities between mine and Smitty’s blood work and how we’re addressing it
  • 1:21:55: How Smitty built his fitness business at 3:00am every day
  • 1:33:38: The tipping point for Smitty’s training career
  • 1:35:26: A recap of Smitty’s sweat lodge experience with former podcast guest, Mike DeSanti and long time Renegade, Chris Yoz.

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